Monday, March 2, 2009


I know I am hideously behind on working on putting out THIS:

The San Pedro Sun Newspaper (It's like my baby or something)

and am having fun with THIS:
mmm...yummy aren't they girly?


  1. They look really good. What are they? You put out a newspaper? How do you have time for anything else? Can't wait to hear more. Hope you're havin' a great day!

  2. I was also having fun with my friend Courtney for the past two weeks (she’s gone back … boohoo). She is truly a sweetie in every sense of the word! She was so cute, and enjoyed my cooking so much-I am such a sucker for food approval that it was the best time ever. I made her the Belizean staple, Rice and Beans, with stewed chicken and potato salad, along with fried plantains and even some avocado salsa! MMM...and those pictured above are salbutes! Fried corn masa (which has been colored slightly with recado) and seasoned with a bit of salt, and then topped with yummy chicken, pickled tomato and onion salsa, and cabbage and cilantro slaw…oooh…mmm…I can see a dollop of guacamole on there too! Must get recipe up for ya'll…SOON! I have a slew that will hopefully get on there sooner than later!