Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, this is a post about how much I wish I was a mother, and how much I want a home, and how insanely emotional my weekend was!
Why I want to be a mommy:

My boo is darling, he's so handsome, this little cutie fell for him too!

Why I want to have a home:
The current place I am staying at, has been SOLD...it sold in THREE days! (Despite the shite economy...oh well) Wow...luckily I get to stay on and rent my apartment, but it was a hairy hour when I was told I had five weeks to find a new place...so...the new owner, who is a man...gets this T-Shirt message...hehehe...don't kick me out...but I thought the saying sums up how I felt at the moment!
But, it renewed my hope that maybe this will be my new backyard view, and I want it complete with a palapa and small dock. Only thing missing from this palapa in the neighbors dock? A HAMMOCK!! :) mmm...I want a house so bad I can TASTE it...dang!


  1. oh honey i'm so sorry-so do you have 5 weeks or can you stay indefinitely?how i wish we could have a "compound" with me in the servant's quarters-hee hee!

  2. oh silly girl...a compound? I'd be the one cooking, so the servant's quarters would be MINE! I get to stay indefinitely, though the way it worked out with the previous owners, they want us to take care of their new place when it's ready in December. So, I plan on doing just that! :)

  3. Your pictures are great and that little girl is just to precious. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on gettin' your own house. You'll eventually find a place that has been waitin' just for you.