Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mayan Ruin

So, here is a post I was gonna share with y'all a while was my honey's staff trip to one of the Mayan Ruins in Belize (Altun Ha). Yea...Suya Tours gave the entire bank staff a free trip as a Christmas present for 2008. They cashed in on the holiday weekend, and away we went. As his beloved other half, I got to enjoy the perks of that trip too! :) whoo hoo!
Of course, I had to take random shots of silly things...and not so silly too...

Not so silly: the love of our beloved Belizean Belikin. Even cooler, we were on our way to see the ruin that is featured on the bottle as part of the logo! It wasn't even 10 am yet!

Silly me...I was so caught up taking video of the site that I didn't get a chance to take a hike. My thighs thanked me the next day!
Not Silly: I want chairs, just like this, in my yard when I have a house. They are beyond frikkin cool! Not so silly: I do love a guy who likes his plants! He's got that look on his face like: SCORE!!
SWEET: My boo boo's best friend and his 6 year old. The water was frigid, but with her daddy, all was well! so, so, so sweet!

Silly: I mean, boys, in a pool, playing like wittle boys...and having fun. Nice huh?
Seriously? The hot tub was delicious. But then we all felt like we were stoned when we got out. I mean,, it was a nice experience. Not something I plan on doing anytime soon. Unless I was staying at the resort. Then I could have headed right to bed. Instead, we had to get on a bus and then on a boat to get back home...not fun, not fun at all...either that, or I have been raised so poor that I don't know a good thing when I am sitting in it? lol...

PSST: If you're nice, I'll post a video where I narrate in Mayan...(Yucatecan Mayan) That's my village's language. Grew up speaking that, Spanish, English and of course, times, fun times... sure to check out my stories/essays on


  1. How cool is that. What an experience, you live in such a lovely part of the world. I'd love to see a video of you speakin' Mayan.

  2. I love my country - I do, I do! :)
    I can see how people can come down here to spend boatloads of money just to have a few days of sunshine and jungle and history! But your place, and your blog shows such cool spots too! It's all about finding the beauty in where you are! If I went to Mars, I am sure I would find a cute Martian to appreciate! tee hee hee.