Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Answer to "Guess This Photo"

Well...it wasn't a shark...if you guessed this:

then...ding ding ding! You are the winner! of...umm...er...bragging rights? Now you can say, "Nea nea nea nea boo boo...I was right...it was a dolphin!" And then you'd still be wrong because there were TWO! Heehee...


  1. Well, I'm glad it wasn't a shark! I mean you were out in that water, for pete's sake! Have you seen the movie, 'Failure to Lauch'? The scene where the dolphin pulls Matthew McConaughey off the surf board? LOL

  2. I have not seen that movie, no. I always see it when it comes on starz or whichever, and le boo boo grabs the remote and switches to NFL network. it's on this weekend though, so I might just have to watch it! :) I wouldn't have jumped in that water had it been sharks! Hello! :) Even when I am snorkeling and I see a stingray, I immediately put a hand over my heart. Hello...crikey! (was that bad?)