Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is such a schmarmy post...but I thought about it, and quite frankly, do I give a care what you think? (well...I a certain extent, but considering that I am all for uniqueness and being your own person, well...I don't either!) Yes, that's me, a study in contrasts!
I just HAD to post about the love I have for my man.
Today, I woke up and felt such a rush of strong feelings, a butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling that I just absolutely love him and missed him terribly since he wasn't curled up next to me (why did he have to be responsible and go to work on time?), that I had the goofiest smile on my face!
So, I decided I would bake cookies for him, so when we get home tonight, he'll have cookies and curl up on the couch with me and snuggle and watch CSI together. Because he decided to hand over control of the remote to me on certain days, during certain hours, and he will watch my shows for me if I am not around, and then he'll tell me what happened. Cynics might say that five years of being together will teach you that, but really, he's just always been that considerate and sweet.
Brace yourself people, I LOVE MY MAN!

I do, I do, I do...BECAUSE: He is the sweetest person, cute as all get out, and so nice. I want to have TEN boys, who will grow up to be just like their father, so that I know at least TEN girls (or boys) will be extra happy and blessed in love. (scratch boy will be enough!) They're gonna be cute as hell, I know that!
does he not have the most beautiful eyes in the world? that's what having an englishman for a father will do to ya!
Because: He loves my cooking (has gained so many pounds and has not complained ONCE) and thinks I am cute...and calls me cute pet names and gives me butterfly kisses, gecko kisses, and my personal favorite, helicopter kisses.
I lucked out when God was handing out boyfriends, and (I'm tearing up now), if I ever lost him, my life would, quite simply, be over.

And, because today, I had lunch with him. We haven't been able to go to lunch together in a while, and we played hooky from his mama's cooking and instead went to have THESE!
And he even paid (hehehe). Like I said. I love my man!


  1. Ahhhh, You make such a cute couple. He does have nice eyes and you have a beautiful smile.
    It's a good thing to appreciate your man. I've had mine for over 30 years, I guess it's 35 now that I think about it. Wouldn't take nothin' for him. Sounds like youn's had a great day. Sweet post.

  2. you are both equally blessed and fortunate-glad at least one lady i know is happy with her man!!ha!

  3. awww...thanks you guys. Rebel, I can't wait to say those words myself! 35 years! WOW - and just so you know, he got sidetracked (of course...the day I gush about him he is a no show) - but he came home at a decent hour and we managed to enjoy dinner together - and CSI was awesome! (I know...pathetic...I need a life!)
    Court - I am happy, and I know that out there, in the great big universe, is one lucky guy who just hasn't found his way to you - but he will, and you will see!