Friday, March 6, 2009

My Job

Thanks for commenting so religiously Rebel. I was seriously slacking off for a while there, but I gotta respond. I work at a newspaper! :) The San Pedro Sun is our baby. I do graphic design and layout for the paper. And it's time consuming, but so worth it when the readers comment and tell us how much they enjoy reading it! It is a weekly paper, so I literally lose so many days out of the week...we looked up recently and realized that it was MARCH! But it felt like we just put out our New Year's Issue...
Anywho, this insane, but cute, dude is one of our main reporters.
In the background is another of our reporters. This was taken at 3:30am Wednesday (or was that Thursday?). Elections had just finished about an hour earlier, and we were about to head home. But, we love each other so much we hung out and took funny pictures instead! hee hee!

He is just a nut...but we love him for it. This past week was our municipal elections, and this guy, who is totally into his politics and news was all over it! :)
Seriously, don't you think so? He kinda looks like her...him...whatever that is...lmao!
Got more pictures to upload on how COOL my job is. I could whine and complain that the hours are insane, but when you're surrounded by fabulous coworkers (including the bestest boss EVAH), it's hard to find something to whine about. Plus, late night dinners include THIS:
Oh. My. GAWD. Stewed. Chicken. with. corn rice.
Picking up the papers at the water taxi dock...yup...comes over by boat from the mainland every Thursday!
Check out the Cuban boat...some Cubans refugees landed on shore last year in THIS boat. I shudder at the thought of being on open waters for longer than a minute! Poor people. Makes you really think that things are THAT badly off that they'd rather risk their lives getting out!
He was a bit shy, but he helps us with the packages every week. Thanks man! Those suckers are HEAVY!
Tell me now, Yoko, is the paper fine? We ready to hand them out to the adoring public? :) Hehe.
Here it is, tha fruit of everyone's labor! :)


  1. I love it. I think i know who that due is. Isn't he Jorge

  2. courtneyhaha@gmail.comMarch 8, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    oh i heard jorge today on love fm and almost started bawling again.i'm such a goner for that and miss you!

  3. How cool! I would love to be able to read your newspaper. Hey! I clicked on it and it looks like I'll be able to. I'll check it out later. Thanks for showin' your pictures. I think your job probably rates up there with The Top 10 Jobs of all time.
    I'd love the recipe for that Stewed Chicken with Corn Rice. Sounds like a good post to me.
    I'm a faithful reader of your blog because it's so good.