Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know I have lots of things to write on this blog. A confession session seems to be on the horizon...I wonder how long it's been since I've had a really good verbal purge...via this here newfangled creation, the computer...words flow easily - this therapy of sorts.
But today, I have to write SOMETHING about where I live, considering I'm supposed to be writing about my "adventures housesitting" hehe.
These little stinkybutts are my step brothers. I LOVE them to pieces...and apparently they like me too...phew!
The older one has no reason to like me...I was awful to him when he just came into my life...yes...I know...shame on me, I was like 20-something and he was only 3...and I couldn't stand him around me...the hangups of an only (and adopted) child! Ha!! But I so got over it...and he is so sweet and apparently forgiving.
I think having little twin brothers (E & K) has softened him (M) and he's probably just used to the chaos now...poor thing! And yes, the two on his left are his twin brothers (fraternal obviously!)

Rule #1 at my apartment: Don't have people over. Or loosely translated: No parties!
Well, is it so bad to have my three stinkies over for some sandwiches and juice for my birthday? That's not a party, though K (middle) was the hired entertainment the way he kept us in stitches! (BTW, this little party was in October...coz my boitday is Halloween!)
One of the things that make me happy about my apartment is that the owners do leave us alone quite a bit. I mean, there's times when you wonder how you can live in such close proximity to some people, and how can you not step on people's toes. But it's been pretty good going. They were gone for 9 months last year, so we had the place to ourselves pretty much.
And we let the yard go quite a bit...I mean, we're ashamed to admit that we didn't do a great job reining in the weeds, but we managed to clean it up and fix it nicely.
However - now the owner is back. I am on the hunt once more for my own spot. I have so many ideas...I think this weekend, I want to go around with le camera and take pictures of where I WISH I could set up house! :)
Wouldn't that be nice? Would you like to see that? Yes? Yes? OKAY!!!
Anywhos, I guess to get back on my topic...How many of you had at least one stringent rule set where you rented/rent?

(Edit) - Hahaha...I read this over after posting and realized that I certainly made it sound like I have millions hitting me up for my sporadic posts! hahaha. I am NO Perez or P-Widdy! Oh well, a girl can dream! :)


  1. You'll find a special place, just perfect for you. Your little brothers look like fun.
    I was always a naughty renter in my younger days. No Pets was a rule I just couldn't follow. Actually when I was younger I didn't follow many rules! Hence the nickname friends gave me, Rebel, if that tells you anything, and it's stuck all these years. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. My kids do!
    Do you have to move out, like, immediately when your homeowners come back? Do you have a place to go while you are lookin'?
    Hope you have a great Groundhog Day. Do you all have a Groundhog Day?

  2. You have been tagged! Come on over and see.