Monday, January 26, 2009

Retail Therapy

Warning: This post contains some mushy stuff, killer heels, cute purse, and even references to boxing and alcohol. Read at your own risk!

One of the things I love most about my boyfriend is that he is the most understanding and chilled out guy out there. I kid you not. We've been together five years (going on 6 on July 13) and to date, we've had like one argument per year (and I can be a big girl and say it was all MY fault).
After a week feeling like crap, wishing I was dead, or at the very least, wishing that my mom was back with me, he said, Honey, you need to come with me to the city and do some shopping. You will feel better.
What did I tell ya? This man is wonderful, amazing, beautiful and smart. hehe...who cares if we have like no money to spend like crazy. What's the point of working your ass off, doing double work, and so much more, and have nothing to show for it??? At least that was the argument I had on file should anyone question my decision to shop like there was no tomorrow!

This flock of birds kept us entertained while we waited on the boat that would take us to Belize City! I took the SP Belize Express for only$30bz round trip, in comparison to flying out at $90-$100. saver, that's ME! :) More to shop with I say!

The scene from the dock. My island is gorgeous...I know. :)
This is some scenery I can handle. Cute babies are always on the top of my list! That little girl's smile is too cute too!
Ah...view from the Swing Bridge in Belize City! These fishing boats are a familiar sight for all who arrive via water taxi!
Isn't this view amazing?? I don't see any cruise ships in the horizon. Just a sail boat, a small fishing boat and that bird!

Anywho, he had a meeting in the city while I decided to take the beautiful route on boat. Only a little over an hour later, and I was in the city!

One thing I will say for being in the city. It puts so much in perspective for me. The therapy I got was not from shopping or dining at one of my favorite places. It came from seeing the poverty that is so rampant throughout the city. It spills out to the main drag of the city. It follows you, with a stench that cannot come off until you take off your clothes and take a long shower. Belize City (affectionately called Belize Shitty) is such a cacophonous mix, with the poor, mentally challenged and homeless all over the street, loud honking cars, people with some serious attitude.

It makes me appreciate my island. We might be expanding and growing, but we still have the small town community feel. Our people are nice, friendly, have at least a smile for you. The city is all about elbowing your way past others, no dawdling on the sidewalk, as someone behind you will let you know exactly how she feels. Mostly it’s the women with the snarky attitude! When I get my stuff from the shop and cashiers and bag boys, I always say thank you. My momma raised me right, show common courtesy, right? You would think I had grown another head the way those people stare every time I say thank you, smile or try to be nice. That’s sad. I hope that my beloved San Pedro doesn’t end up with people like that.

But enough about my lessons learned. Check out the loot I scored! (After the jump over the night shot!)

I arrived on the last boat back. I completely missed the 4pm boat (well, in my defense, I thought the boat left at 4:30! Anywho, had to wait till 5:30 for the express back home. The sight of the lights always makes my heart sing. I love my little island! Ain't it purty?
InStyle is my favorite magazine, those heels are killer (and that purse...actually, I already had that but won't it look cute with those shoes? he he he...)

So, thanks honey, for inviting me to go to the city. I enjoyed myself. Even that dude who followed me down the street rapping something about his talent and making weird gestures was ok, coz I knew I was feeling better by the second, appreciating all that I have, and appreciating you for who you are. And I won't tell nobody about your singing in the cab on the way back home, drunk as a skunk. Yes, Antonio Margarito lost to Sugar Shane Mosley, and you had every right to drink your sorrows away. My ears didn't need the extra torture though! ...
Strawberry wi-i-ine...lalalalala...hehehe...sorry...couldn't resist!


  1. Cute. I'm glad you got to go shoppin'. Why does it always make us feel better? Is it the spendin' (I don't have to spend much to enjoy) or is it just bein' out around people?
    You do live on a gorgeous island! It must be warm there with the way everyone is dressed. It didn't get out of the 20's here today and we have snow with ice under it. And it's not goin' to get above freezin' tomorrow, so not much help there with meltin'.
    I hope you have a great day tomorrow enjoyin' your beautiful weather.

  2. Hiya Pal:
    I think it's the spending for sure. once your grubby little paws let go of some money in exchange for that one thing you just couldn't live without, it's like life is bearable once more! Aah!
    I love my little place. It is warm now. The rain has stopped - so I no longer have to slog through swampy muddy stuff. Not that I am complaining, especially since ya'll r un'er da ice! Wow. The lowest temperature recorded in our corner of earth was only 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh. We thought we would FREEZE! What a joke right? I hope you're keepin' warm - this is the perfect time for husband hugs! Stay warm!