Friday, January 23, 2009

Garbage and Politics

I haven't seen this newfangled truck being used at all. Politics season is heating up in my beloved little town. I wonder if this is part of the propaganda.
I honestly am neither red nor blue when it comes to politics. I think long and hard about whom I want to vote for, do some research and talk to others about different candidates. Families of the candidates are often their downfall. Small town politics includes lots of backstabbing, mudslinging, corruption, suspicious transactions - and that's sometimes just within the party! UDP (United Democratic Party - Red) and PUP (People's United Party - Blue) are the oldest parties in the country. No independent party can hope to win. EVER.
Anyhow, this truck was brought in under our UDP Town Council. It's new, shiny, and I have never seen it in action. But I could be wrong. I could have been stuck inside the office and not seen it being driven around. Who knows!

It’s good when stuff that’s been bought for oodles of money can be put to use. I don’t care at this point if it is just because the politics is in season, I am just happy to see it in use. Voters aren’t stupid. We know why things are suddenly looking up. We wish it was politics all the time. Poor people would get free grants to fix their homes or get out of bad debts. Things that were originally designated for the people and were kept hidden can be brought out now. The people, for a few weeks out of the season, suddenly have the power.

If a politician offers you $400 cash in hand and asks you to vote, tell them SURE SURE SURE…and when the other politician comes by and does the same, say the same. On voting day, vote for who YOU want to, not for the one has given you more money. Trust me, it’s like the only money you will ever get from a politician. And then you can buy me a drink! I sure as heck have never been given money by any politico. Probably because they get that vibe from me, you know, the one that says, “suckaaaaaaaaa…” to them? Heehee.

I kinda went off tangent, but I do want to show you something also regarding politics. The great US of A just got their first half black/half white president. Ease off on the whole black thing by the way. Barack Obama is half and half. He’s creamy milk chocolate. He’s a cutie! He’s hope. He’s change (take a shot of tequila every time you hear that word from him!). He hopefully will be able to accomplish what he’s set out to do. And what is it that he will do? What did he say he was gonna do? Think real hard. He is in office now. He is awesome and powerful and can make things happen. He is different.

The great B-E-L-I-Z-E also got their first black Prime Minister. Before that we had a half Lebanese one I believe (he kinda screwed us over, so really, do I have to go there?), and before that, it was two other white/non-black dudes. One was even on the road to becoming a priest! (My favorite, George Cadle Price)

But, I’m just saying, there was no huge ripple in the media about Dean Barrow becoming our first black PM. Probably because we are like, totally used to black people. I thought people in the great US of A were too. What is the big deal? Why the big issue on color? Can’t we all get along?

PM Barrow and President Obama - two firsts.
Both campaigned on the platform of change.

I have no sensible or deep conclusion to this post, no clever analogy like "Polictics is like garbage, best thrown in the bin and burned at the dump." I just had to get that out of my system. So, if you read to the end, and wish I'd been more clever. Oops. Sorry. My bad. Tough. I am not miss Clever Clogs this morning. But I got politics out of my system! hee hee...


  1. Well, I enjoyed readin' what you were gettin' out of your 'system'.LOL
    I find your views, since you live in another country from me, very interestin'. I was even readin' your post to my husband.
    Most of us are use to blacks, but there is a lot of prejudice in this country. It is a very sad thing. It is gettin' better, we finally have our first black President. I hope he does well and I hope nothin' bad happens to him. If we can all just pull together and continue to support him.
    Like where you are, things get better here around election time. Gas always gets cheaper and prices go down a little.
    I think that for us little people it's pretty much the same world round.
    I really enjoy readin' your blog. I'm glad to have found a friend from Belize.

  2. I just wanted to say, just because I know you are in the tropic's, it's snowin' here. We're under a weather advisory.
    Talk to you later.