Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everything is coming up roses!

This was what greeted me this morning. The sun was SHINING and I swear I heard a couple of birds singing. It was not me...PROMISE!
This rosebush has THREE buds...this one is opening up...and the other will follow...then a long pause THEN the other will flower. I will have quite a stretch of roses! :) yay...
I was talking to a friend in Portland (yea...I know...crazeeeeeee!!) and he was telling me how he's got lots of roses. I dream of the day when I will actually own my own plot of land with a house. I will have ROSES all over...I like all flowers, but roses hold a special place for me cause my mama liked them! :)
I have tons of clippings now, but I fear that I might have to leave them at the place I am staying at now because how horrid would it be to uproot them? :(
anywho...I told my friend that I am soon gonna be called the Rose Lady...which is markedly better than "dat criayzy cyat lady..." (do I really have to translate?)
And that's only cause we're not allowed to have pets!
When I get a chance to upload, I will show you these pics of FAT CATS I met yesterday at SAGA humane society! They were awesome-o!! WISH they were mine...



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