Thursday, February 5, 2009

TAGGED - I'm one of 6 IT's!!

Hehehehe...what a lovely morning...was coming from home and on the way, I thought of posting a couple personal things on this morning's post. Then I log on and rebel has TAGGED me! :) I have never been tagged goes...

25 random things about me (oh gawd...)

25. I speak Yucatecan Maya - and actually didn't have to read the sub-titles on Apocalypto...:)
24. I dream in color - wild crazy colors - and never have had a black and white dream...
23. I secretly wish I had super powers (well...not a secret anymore) - I always wanted to fly
22. I have NEVER tried da herb... (most people I know have...and still DO!! but not boring ole me)
21. My favorite cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios (I literally will sit and eat the whole BOX if no-one stops me...dry, with milk...whatever...I will hog it!)
20. I once went to Europe after a guy I met and spoke to for ONE hour in the flesh, invited me one year later....confusing? Um...I met this guy, we spoke for one hour, exchanged emails and over the next year, plotted and planned until I actually took my FIRST overseas flight to meet him in London - then he took me to Paris, and a couple spots in go back to innocent old days!!
19. relation to that...I have never been to the US...though I know one section of the Miami Int'l airport very well...
18. I do love a good ellipsis...
17. lol...I just Googled the spelling of the word...and realized that I had spelt it wrong on MANY occasions...and so, my 17th confession: I LOVE GOOGLE!!! (not their backing of Prop8 though)
16. Back to food...I don't really care much for chocolate - like, I will eat it, if it's in a dessert or something, but I won't actually go to the shop and BUY one...
15. I love writing backwards (in cursive too)

14. I used to have prophetic dreams (I think I have learned to suppress them or hasn't happened in a long time!) - I once met this guy, and that night, I had a vivid dream about him...that he was getting married but he kept dilly-dallying between getting married and officiating the wedding...when I told the friend who introduced me to him, she cried - saying that he had taken his trip to Belize to clear his thoughts and make up his mind about whether he should marry his fiance or join the priesthood...I have also dreamt of many incidents that have happened...and I will on occasion get a feeling that something will happen...and it does...some silly, some a bit serious...
13. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. And a pilot. And a teacher. And a bank teller. I am neither of those things - I fly in the cockpit often in our little planes; I used to teach; I turned down a job as a bank teller - instead, my hubby-wubby is one...perhaps one day I will operate on someone's brain...metaphorically...coz blood makes me a bit queasy...
12. while on the gray matter...I ALWAYS have a running commentary in my head (ever watch Scrubs? yeah...sort of like that but not quite!) - I am always imagining a scenario - whatever I am doing...walking down the street? check out that goofy smile I have on my face...that's because I just imagined something hilarious about whatever is on the street...
11. (you're still here?) I started cooking at the age of 8.
10. I can wiggle my ears and twitch my nose (I guess on command)
9. I have never watched Star Wars or Star Trek...and have NO desire to do so...
8. I cry easily...when Grissom left CSI...I bawled...
7. I love Disney shows - the cheesy tween ones (esp. Hannah Montana and Suite Life of Zack & Cody...etc...) and the cartoon-y ones (with a bowl of cheerios on a Saturday/Sunday)
6. I love the cold more than the sunshine & heat
5. I believe in lucky underwear/clothing
4. I am secretly a bit of a food snob (gee...thanks BLOGGERS!)
3. I will spend all day on perezhilton if allowed
2. Even though I thought the Cardinals had a great story...I secretly rooted for the Steelers (but it's only because Big Ben is so CUTE and kinda reminds me of my if I had his love child, you couldn't really tell...) - yea...NUTSO!! hahahaha...
1. I LOVE knowing the endings...To a book (sometimes, I start reading there) To a movie...I annoy the bejaysus out of my hubby when I constantly ask him...and then...what's gonna happen? huh huh huh? that you know how annoying I truly am...I will pass on the torch to a few people...sad thing is, I don't really know who I should tag. hmm...the conundrum (Rebel already went...hmm...huh...)

1. tacogirl
2. Joy
3. okay...this is REALLY pathetic...I am not sure I can tag anyone else...not today anyway...but these two will go for now!!

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  1. You crack me up! Never tried da herb, I never heard it called that. I'm gonna use it. Not da herb, the phrase.
    We do have a lot in common. I've been a bank teller, when I've worked, through the years. I've constantly got a movie runnin' off in my head. Doesn't everyone have lucky underwear? AND I alway read the endin' in a book. It use to drive my sister crazy. She'd give me a book to read and gripe about me not readin' the endin'. I just don't tell her any more. And I've never understood why it bothers people when I say 'tell me what happens, it won't ruin the end of the movie' most of the time it makes the movie better.
    So you've been to London, Paris and Spain? With a not well known guy? You are a rebel. A free spirit, I can just tell. You got me interested in hearin' more about Miami Int'l Airport....LOL!
    I've really enjoyed readin' random things about you. You live an interestin' life.