Friday, February 6, 2009

Johnny Cakes

Yes...Johnny Cakes. The recipe I use is one my wonderful, totally cute, adorable and sweeeeet Mother-in-law gave me. She always reminds me that it is my cooking that has packed on the pounds on her beloved son, but then she gave me THIS recipe! Hello?! I still luvs yas babe! :) Anywho...I have pasted a couple collages to show how I more or less bung up a couple things and come up with this divine concoction! :)

Yes, perhaps I could have said something, but really... silence is golden.
And pardon the dark-ish settings. I am not a PRO! :)

Next time, I will do a video of me making tortillas...that oughta be fun!


  1. Wow, talk about differences. Our johnny cakes here are made with cornmeal and flour and NEVER coconut milk. They are fried on a hot griddle. I bet yours tastes more like a cake while ours is more like cornbread.

  2. That is different! I watched Alton Brown's travel show in the Caribbean (don't remember where) and this woman made Johnny Cakes, and it was fried!! I was twitching...the SACRILEGE, but then I realized someone watching me bake mine is probably twitching too! Hee hee. We use Johnny Cakes (Journey Cakes)- as a sandwich bread indeed. There is this shop that sells breakfast goodies, and one is called the Full Works - a johnny cake with egg, refried beans, bacon, and cheese. of those and you're good for the morning!!