Sunday, February 15, 2009


This post contains:
mushy stuff,
adult-style imagery,
and alcohol.
Lots and lots of booze.
Read at your own risk!

Had a great Valentine's Day - spent the afternoon baking nearly 75 chocolate chip cookies for my brother-in-law's bake sale...he really only needed 50, but you have to take into account some will not look quite perfect, some need to be taste tested...and with the ginger mojitos flowing, one needs something to nibble on.
That's my story.
I'm stickin' to it!
My gorgeous, talented, smart, did I mention BEAUTIFUL sister in law was helping me? She looked at the cookies and they came out perfect. I never have that effect on cookies...or anything! She's a total cutie, and sweet to boot. I couldn't ask for better in-laws. I am truly blessed!!
Andrew, Julie (Miz Cutie) and moi...
Oh, and her little brother was a darling too - and poor thing had to stay home in bed as he was recovering from the flu! :( She was so concerned for him, and went shopping with me for ingredients and when we got back to her house, he had already cleaned out their room. She felt even worse, and decided to come over to my apartment and help me bake.
Sweet, sweet!

C'mon, let me kiss you! You're my little brother, I have to torture you... (god they are too cute for their OWN good!)

DISCLAIMER: Cutie is of legal drinking age (18), she has a girlfriend, her parents allow her to party, and she is a very responsible young lady.
So, several ginger mojitos later, we were deep into convo about life, love and men/women. She always tells me how much she loves her brother (my honey bear) and she wishes she could meet someone like him who would obviously make her as happy as she sees me! Isn't that sweet? I am SOOOOOOO glad that we're considered relationship role models (ha...if they knew the truth...hehehehe)
Though for the moment, she is happy with her girlfriend, she's very diplomatic about how love can come courtesy of a man or woman.

And I wondered, later, after she had left with TONS of cookies, while I chopped, diced and seared Valentine's Dinner for my hubby, how everyone else was spending their Valentine. Even though it is a highly commercialized "holiday", it is a time for reflection and appreciation.
I have LOTS of gay friends, confused friends, a high ranking woman in our town is also gay - so it is everywhere you look, and I for one have no problem with it, and wonder why anyone else would. And then I remember the Fight against Prop 8 and realize that in my little cocoon of love and understanding, I am insulated to the real, ugly world of hate and discrimination.

What happens to those who were excited to get married, adopt and share a life together. How bittersweet is such a day do you think?, for them to realize that despite all attempts, they are not considered normal.
Is loving someone NOT normal?

My two cent piece - which some may argue is superficial and not necessarily worth much considering I don't know what I am fighting for...but I could care less...I value opinions, and believe that we are all equal, and I just honestly wish that legally and constitutionally, we can all accept what the people have already accepted.

And re: Valentine's Celebration? It was lowkey for us this year, what with expenses and such, we decided to stay in. I have an incredible hubby to share my life with, and when he hinted that he would love a steak with some kind of potato and a GREEN salad? What do you think I did? Hells yeas, I cooked. I was on it! Like white on rice (which was NOT on the menu btw). And did I take pictures or do anything a proper blogger does? Heck no. I was so busy trying to finish everything on time and getting the meal set up properly I didn't take not one picture. I will say this though, I am glad that I didn't. Some things are better off kept private. Oh, and to top off the nice meal, I made these: Mmmmmmmm!!!

We met up with our other couple friends for some drinks afterward though, so that was nice.

This is how the night ended up degenerating!!
Jose Cuervo ran out, so Aaron broke out the Corralejo...oooohhhh...shudder...These have got to be my favorite "cool" glasses ever!! I got them for my friend (our host) for Christmas, along with a nice big bottle of booze. The best kind of gift apparently! :) Oh, yes, we are "a small drinking town with a fishing problem". Seriously, the t-shirt says that exactly!

This was a gag gift, called Paris Hilton. She is brought out when the men are all together, and drinking. If anyone is silly enough to pass out (on their extra special, soft, fluffy couch), this becomes the prop for some HILARIOUS pictures and video. (We are all 20+ and early 30's). It used to be that anyone who passed out from too much partying, ended up with makeup and nails done. If you'll notice, it sounds like only men are the irresponsible ones who end up overdoing it. Us girls are SMART...we don't mess around. We have a few cocktails in pretty glasses and then we gossip and surf the net and borrow/steal our men's credit cards, and place orders for cute stuff online! Hehe. Oops, secret is out! :)
Oh, and if you're super concerned, we NEVER let friends go home alone after a night out as such. We have several cabs lined up who will come by and pick us up, and drops us off home.
Safety first.


  1. I love Mojitos. Soooo much.
    I'm mixed on the gay thing. I mean I have always taught my children that Jesus loves a gay as much as he loves you and me. It is DEAD wrong to persecute someone because they are different in their beliefs. The Bible tells us to love each other. It doesn't say love everyone except the gays. But, sorry, my belief, as a Christian, is that it is morally wrong. I don't like that my granddaughter is growin' up in a world where it is bein' portrayed as normal. I have had some very good gay friends and I had a very close girlfriend who was gay, she died last year and I miss her. Do I believe she is in hell for bein' gay. NO WAY! She was one of the kindest, best people I ever knew.
    I hope I don't offend you by what I believe. I don't mean to.

  2. Oh, I have wrestled with the gay/morality bit as well. I still do. I grew up learning that it is morally wrong, but I use such a child-like justification for it: When a gay person dies, the question, is it hell or heaven? My mother was divorced, does that mean that as an 'adulteress' she ends up in hell too? Are you telling me that my mom is queuing up to the lunch line alongside Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot? Sharing cell breaks with Jack the Ripper? If my gay friends who spend their lives trying to make life better, more beautiful and awesome and colorful end up in that situation, then is that a God that I want to follow? If the bible says that he is all forgiving and loving, and forgives Hitler, etc, then he sure as heck better forgive me for questioning him, and the good guys as well...right?
    No offense taken babe, I know that our world has been taking a turn for the worse with our "immoral" actions, but I honestly think that if you are a good person, then that is what should count. Period. Acceptance is Christianity, not persecution and hypocrisy. Oh is such a question for the ages! :)