Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You!

Warning: Extra Gushy Post! Read at your own risk!!!

Today, I give thanks to God, for bringing this WONDERFUL person into my life. Every single cheesy moment, every single sappy song you ever hear, when it says life was incomplete, until that special someone walked into their life? It's TRUE!!
Until I met this booger, I was cavorting around without a care in the world. Hadn't stayed in touch with my mother, didn't have solid friendships, nada.
But, thanks to this beautiful man, this wonderful soul, I am a better person.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I wuv u lots. It helps that you is a super duper tinkybutt!! :)

Those eyes SLAY me!!!


  1. What great pictures on your blog! You are so lucky to live in paradise.
    I've been blog surfing all evening and I'm glad I stumbled onto your's. I'll be back, looking for more great pics.

  2. hey I took that pic of those purty eyes hee hee!