Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Caution: May cause burning sensation!!





Yes, these are hot peppers. I think they're one of the hotter varieties known to man. So, yea, they're hot. And just delicious in this sauce. This is like a staple on most Belizean tables, and I have to tell ya, it's major fire. It is delicious because of the tartness of the lime juice, yummy smelling because of the onions and uber-fresh cilantro. Man, it's got all the things I love. Great scent, onion, and HEAT! Make this to go along with your meats, like if you're grilling beef for fajitas, or got a good hearty stew, if it's cold in your areas, a few drops of this juice means you'll have heat spreading through your bod and you'll be warmed up and raring to go in no time. to the ingredients!! Okay...prep yourself...:)

* 3 or 4 habanero peppers (in this case, I used SIX)

* juice of two limes

* 1 chopped, diced large onion

* a bunch of fresh cilantro (chopped)

* salt to taste

* some cold water


*Wash and pat dry the habaneros.

*On an open flame, place the peppers and allow to roast and blacken slightly. Keep windows open while you smoke and roast these peppers!

*Turn off the fire, then carefully transfer the peppers to a large, clean bowl, preferably ceramic.

*With a fork, mash the peppers, seeds and all. Keep face away from the steam that may escape from the hot peppers.

*Add a generous sprinkling of salt, followed by the juice of two limes.

*Mix in a couple (2-3) tablespoons of cold water.

*Add in the diced onion and cilantro.

*Toss gently and mix well.

*Let rest and pickle...

Yum. Enjoy. Store the leftovers in the fridge for up to a week.

*Some people have been known to drizzle this tempting hot treat on pizza, chicken, beans and more. Whatever your temptation, be sure to indulge with care.

Bravery Meter:

The Timida few drops of the juice only.

The Brave a few bits of the onion and juice.

The Machojuice, onions AND peppers!

Oh, and exciting news! This recipe was also featured on! My work. Of course. Cause, you know, the paper RULES!! :)

Pardonez moi le fotografie...le suckiando... :) Yea, I speak le Fracois...u liiiiiiiiike?? ;-D


  1. I'm a weenie! I don't think I can handle that. We eat lots of jalapeno's but that's my limit on hotness.

  2. Hee...hee...unfortunately I grew up eating habaneros and think that jalapeƱos are actually sweet! So...of course, I loves me this stuff! If you did try to make it, how about with only ONE habanero and the same amount of other stuff, and only try the tart/hot juice and maybe the onion? Like my lovely (and incredibly funny) boss says, "It hurts SO good!"

  3. see me???i am running aaaawaaaaayyyyyy because i'm a fearful gringo...but it LOOKS yummy!

  4. court, you're a GOOFBALL!! ;) You have to start getting used to that stuff if you plan on living here babe!