Sunday, April 5, 2009

I like...

I can't swim very well, I rarely walk on the beach. I love Air Conditioning, though today's cool sea breeze was awesome. I can't drive a golf cart to save my life. (I have - without a license, in an emergency, and almost had a heart attack!).
But, I must say, I really LOVE boats! They're so sexy. They're sleek, and powerful and so big. Yet, in the water, they're graceful and magnificent.
I imagine myself aboard one of those big suckers, driving them and sluicing through the gorgeous Caribbean, while my honey, dressed in the traditional garb (all white knee high shorts, white shirt tucked in and sailor hat) feeds me seedless grapes (I hate having to spit out seeds), and pours wine down my throat (nevermind that I don't like wine!)...yea...ahem...
The man HATES walking the beach...and today, I realized why.
I took nearly a hundred photos of the same things...all the while, under the broiling sun. Not a single cloud in the sky! He of course waits patiently for me, which meant that when the waves crashed against the seawall, he would get splashed on. Not a happy boy. Sorry honey.
But I sure got great shots! :)
Enjoy a bit of the sunshine, blue sea and BOATS!! I love boats...hmmm...I have a problem...Yacht dreams with Dinghy money...that's me! ;)

P.S. Everyone is posting pictures of their beautiful plants and springtime blooms, so, since I ain't got that, I thought boats would be good. Is that strange?


  1. Oh Mary, I love your boat pictures. I love boats too. I wish I lived where you do. Your pictures are amazin'!
    You have brightened my day! It is winter here again and sooooo cold. I know, come July and August I'll be whinin' about how hot and humid! LOL

  2. Oh...aren't they amazing? I couldn't drive (or sail) one, but I can imagine swaying in the breeze!! ;)
    but this sucker takes the cake:


    And it sucks what they did with their giant boat...grrr!!!!!!
    BTW, Rebel, how on earth did you find my blog? I always wondered! ;)

  3. I like boats, small "likle" boats, big boats all in a row, but the one little boat i like is the sial boat. LOL

  4. Buay...George...u onli sili!! the boats we go on when we go sailing, is heaven huh?