Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Weekend - Reflections

Looking forward to this lovely and LONG holiday weekend. I have tomorrow, saturday, sunday and monday off...which means I plan on sleeping, eating, maybe exercising, and of course, taking lots of pictures...!! duh...
Will I see cute babies in sand? probably.
Will I be in a drunken stupor on Sunday? probably.
Will I sleep like the dead on Monday? most definitely.
the only time I will have for reflections will be Friday and Saturday...sooo...
I promise to bring photos of a new recipe.
I just ordered some organic chocolate from Juan Cho, Juan the Chocolate Man! :) They are waiting for me at the airstrip (cargo) so will go and pick those up...more info on all that later as well...
loved the packaging! :)
I will also use this lovely ingredient my boss lady got me when she was at Playa del Carmen...mmm...REAL vanilla!
I have NEVER in my entire life, used real vanilla. Last night was the first time, and I made an apple cake. I think, though, that I wasted a valuable resource in a cake that probably didn't need the good stuff...but it learn as me go!!'s a couple pretty reflection pictures to tide us over until I can come up with some yummy looking new photos/recipes (well, to my hubby they're amazing!)...

Hoppy Easter! :)
lol... ;-)

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