Friday, October 8, 2010

We're Back!! And somewhere DIFFERENT!!

The silence has been deafening - but so many things have happened...first off, we are no longer "housesitters" per se...and we've MOVED!! We are now in an area known as DFC - and we're staying in a 3-bedroom house...
I know you're probably asking yourself: what couple needs that much space?
*point to themselves* WE do!!
Books, stuff, so much STUFF - needs to go somewhere - and thankfully, it's all in a room. There's still boxes everywhere, and quite frankly, the house we are in needs some major work. I got some cheap furniture, but an electric short burned our second TV - now we're looking at a flat screen...(boys and their toys)...
It's a home we're thinking of buying in the future - but who knows. With the threat of hurricanes 6 months out of the year, and the house built of something just shy of cardboard, we may not be investing wisely.
I looked over the classifieds this week in the paper and saw that there was canal front property selling for $35kbz...location is everything, and while I keep hearing about property for sale for super cheap ($15-$17k bz/$7.5-8.5kusd) - it's all about the location - and if I have to cross the bridge etc, not working for for now - we carry on renting.
Naturally, more pics will come up as the place gets spruced up...

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